News here!!:

Oumugi ;-; and Allukaaa

Some recent KagePro. I love…Kano!! and it’s all volume 5’s fault.

My rough drafts are really gross ahaha mind your eyes.

some more Hunter twitter stuff from this week

Kenma is my fav so I drew him too :>


I watched Haikyuu!! and it was good! Now I’m reading it *w* Hehh how did someone find this so quickly though.

HxH twitter dump ( ・w・) ..well mostly Killua….

Magi dadadadump!

Migrating my doodling to twitter



I’m just tired of seeing angry rant essays about the most meaningless junk all over my dash. Tired of having my own art forcibly sourced (haha ironic). 

Umm I’ve never used twitter before though so don’t mind me while I fool around…… where’s that button that lets me write a thingy…

Sorry;;;; didn’t mean to cause confusion. (got a lot of panicky asks)

I’m not quitting/deleting my blog and I’ll still post here (just less often, in batches instead). And I wasn’t being bullied or anything @-@ (where did that even come from?) I’m simply fed up with tumblr and its negative atmosphere. Please don’t worry x:

Too many words so have a Killua.

We caught this crazy cute palm-sized guy in the yard today (and released it again). It has 3 other siblings and they all live in our shrubs *w*

kanapy's megafantabulous sketchbook arrived!!!!!! THERE IS EYESHIELD THERE IS SO MUCH EYESHIELD I'M SO SOO HAPPY!!!!!!! There's never Eyeshield fanart then here appears this perfection as if Murata drew it himself IS THIS A DREAM!!????!!!!!! ;-; Thank you also for the Katsura and Eli’s!

Go get this pro book okkkk » 

Spent last night doodling. Fred eventually got jealous and took away my pencil haha.

Killua’s hair is impossibleldkjfsd

When this is all over, let’s go have some fun again.