Some recent Setomari— what is that

Kinda cleaned up that sketch from way back when

Aurora to go with the Inferno (  ` ︶´)✧

Last batch for now. This program is simultaneously infuriating and addictive and it’s eating up all my time o(-<

Emofuri 2nd try: Kano!!


Emofuri is a real pain to use!!!! especially with 3/4 view!! (terrible idea on my part) The results are fun though so I’ll try again later with another char. 


“Is it possible for home to be a person and not a place?” 

Romantic (aka cheesy) InfernoxAurora with loads of glowing lights <3
I love these two together, I cant help it D: So so so cuteeee >www< Let ‘em kids have a happy ending, Bassaaaaa! 
Background inspired by a picture on pixiv that i saw months ago and forgot to bookmark >__>

(Also, just how far did Inferno have to crouch down for Aurora’s head to be on a level with his?)

PFJDLKFJTPPTTYY PRETTY PRETTYPRTTYYY omg ;-; my parashi OTP ;-; fdfjdjfkjdka;sldkfjkdjfkdj

Summertime Record and cardi-Kano doodles. So busy lately, haven’t drawn much T-T



We are on for Anime Expo! Please come and check out our new products :)

Everything you see in the sample images will be showcased on my booth (#438) and also @guiltpleasure ‘s booth (#245+344+342). We will be taking pre-orders at Con and will ship them out afterwards. Also I’m always looking for talents to work with on creating new designs. If you are an artist, please don’t hesitate to contact me  See ya’ll at AX 


Now the Raffle:

Starting now til 7/6 at 11:59pm, as long as you reblog this (or any of my later re-bumps), you will have a chance to win a prize! No follow necessary :D

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I will select the winner by the end of following Monday (14th)

Once selected you will have the freedom to choose from any of the items from my previous raffle, or one Iphone case of any design from the above sample photo.
ps. please note that any Guilt Pleasure’s design will NOT be part of the prize.

Different available prizes include (pick one):

  • 1 Mousepad
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  • 5 Buttons
  • 1 Iphone case

I’ll cover the shipping if you are living in the US, and I will give you a big discount on shipping if you live outside of the states.

Good luck to you all, and Thanks for reblog <3

*please check out my older posts for other things I’m selling at AnimeExpo this year


Daily bump! Reblog of this post also counts :D

Here’s a new design I got in store, chibi Captain America and Bucky <3

Available in mousepad, iphone or ipad case :D

also we have bunch of new artwork by banafria in store!

Check it out at !!

Here are some of the product photo, they are also available in mousepad or ipad case :D

Hi!! Sorry I’m so last minute!! My friend Kahira will be at Anime Expo and she makes custom iPhone5/iPad cases, mousepads, towels, bags, and more! She’s recently added my art to her lineup and she can pretty much make you a custom item using almost any image I’ve drawn (as long as I have it in hi-res). That’s right, a soaking wet Noya could be under your mouse!!! (lol) 

If you’re going to Anime Expo please drop by her booth and take a look at the sample products! She has works from some other really amazing artists too! (P.S. I won’t be there myself unfortunately ;w; )

I’ve been really busy so I’ll post a full catalog of which of my art are available as products later >n<;; For now you can check out some of them at Kahira’s Etsy shop.

And if you reblog, her raffle is still on :)

Hi again! Thanks for all the prints sales and signal boosts last week!! I didn’t expect so many to sell out so thank you so so much! >~<  

I’ve contacted several winners for free prints earlier today. Please get back to me in a day or two or I’ll contact the next person >o<

Most of your orders will be shipped out early next week, and I’ll do another print run in a couple weeks. If there’s anything in particular you’d like, or that I missed last time, feel free to let me know in an ask/fanmail/comment and I’ll try to include it next time!

Thanks again \(ovo)/ have some birbs

HAPPY KATSURA’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good night ;-;

suga-san doodle done for his bday last last week

wet..noya…. :)

Nagisa from Assclassss!!! please read it it is amazing and hilarious