It’s overrrr. I’ll miss Killu ;-;

I’ve been waiting and waiting for a disc cover of Kano…  (´•ω •̀` )


Ren Kouha, Magi, Emperor Fanart Version by Nuri
Photo by RythmeConnichi 2014, Germany

There’s still a lot to correct… but I’m happy I could finish it for Connichi and it was fun! (yes, even without seeing everything through the beads dsjf) Planning to wear it again soon and take some more pictures – next time with all the little details that are still missing orz and his weapon of course~

Someone cosplayed my emperor Kouha drawing *0* It’s soooooo prettty!!!!!!

by Banafria / tumblr 

My countdown pic :3c Thank you for inviting!!

I can’t watch the recent eps until next next week. by then it’ll be overrr ;-;

cat Kano!


I started needle-felting a birb army

Killuallus and Killuas

"draw this chara with hair as long as your own" request meme on twitter, part 2

a “draw this chara with hair as long as your own” request thing I did on twitter, part 1

A Manami request

Happy August 15


Hallo! (⊙⊖⊙)ノ  I just did another print run. Like last time, 5x7 prints are available for $2.50 each and $1 flat shipping :) There’s some new images, some restocks, and leftovers.

The shop is here:

And once again if you reblog this post, I’ll choose a random person next week (Aug 12) and send them a bunch of free prints. I’ll post the raffle winner publicly this time since I had some trouble with sending Asks last time, so please keep an eye out if interested >o< 

Thank you! m(_ _)m

Thank you for all the reblogs!!(;▽;)The raffle winners are br3ina, kokonoseharvka, and kagehinacannon! Please shoot me an email (nuri.kun(at), let me know your fandoms and shipping address, and I’ll send you a bunch of prints (or a refund if you bought stuff). Please send an ask too just in case an email gets swept into junk. 

Thanks so much again!!!!

P.S. I did a major update to my redbubble. If you wanted anything that sold out here, feel free to give it a look~